Top 5 interesting rivalries at Europa UEFA Champions League that made betting more fun

Europa League is one of the most prestigious leagues of the world. The crème of the crème teams are pitted against each other in this league. Such happening conglomeration of football talents makes this tournament a punter’s paradise.  Some duels naturally take the position of favorite rivalries at such prestigious tournament. Such games form the today football match prediction banker and call for hefty bets. Listed here are the top 5 competing pairs contending for finals in Europa League that were capable of increasing the adrenaline rush amongst the spectators.

  1. Juventus vs AC Milan

This duel was certainly nail-biting. The two of Italy’s most fierce clubs came head on in this competition and made the whole ground sit up and notice. Quite an apt for final, this match had a number of ooh and aah moments throughout the game. While AC Milan was still reeling out of the pain caused by the loss to Juventus in Coppa Italia, Juventus also has strong reasons to stay ahead of the rival. The tomorrow football match prediction of this match the day before had loads to watch for the punters.

  1. Borussia Dortmund vs. Bayern Munich – 2012-2013

This meeting was actually an all-German final. The two most promising teams Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich locked horns with each other in this duel. Bayern side was beaming with confidence after beating Bundesliga in a very short match and Dortmund also had crushed Real Madrid in semi-finals to enter the last and final battle. Thus, it was evidently a mercury-raiser filled with classic moments. Betting experts were placing heavy odds for 1-1 win as their tomorrow football match prediction of this meeting.



  1. Manchester United vs Chelsea – 2007-2008

Who is not aware of these two contemporaries from the English Football? The final of 2007-2008 was certainly the war of the biggies. Every moment heated up the scene at today football match prediction banker at betting sites. With an impressive gathering of more than 65,000 people in the ground, there was an action-packed duel with lots of twists and turns. Jose Mourinho passed on his responsibility to Avram Grant and kept the suspense game a notch higher in the match. Though much of the time was devoted to nail-biting saves and pushes and passes, it was the slapping of Nemanja Vidic by Didier Drogba just a few minutes before the full time that became the talking point of the match.


  1. Real Madrid Vs Valencia

Valencia was much weaker team as compared to Real Madrid in initial days. But, it was the underdog performance of the former in La Liga that made this team a serious threat to the defending champions Real Madrid. The bets were mostly in favor of Real Madrid at tomorrow football match prediction in this game. Much to the expectations, Real Madrid did the job quite impressive in this duel and won the title.


  1. Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid – 2013-2014

Atletico Madrid entered the final to repeat the success story of La Liga. Their performance at La Liga has made them a strong team to depend upon at today football match prediction banker. The two clubs from the same city for the first time in the history of UEFA league came head on in this match. From a mediocre start, Real Madrid came into action in extra time and snatched away the game from the winning contenders.

Such meetings at final are what make Europa League one of the most awaited tournaments in the world, both for the spectators and speculators


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