Cardiff City vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers – Important betting tips

Cardiff City is taking on Wolves in an expectedly exciting match at the home ground on Friday night. The Friday fever of this match is already high amongst the punters who think this match to be the turning point for both the teams. As far as winning record goes, both have been facing tough times in their latest meetings. While Cardiff could fetch only one win from the last three appearances, Wolverhampton wanderers have not scored even a single win in their last five matches. Thus, this match is supposed to break the jinx for both of them. That is why; the most common of football betting tips tomorrow for this match is that bet in favor of 1-1. This is what the experts are predicting at everywhere.

The last match amongst these two teams was a high action drama. There were two stoppage time penalties granted to the home team Cardiff which led to the Bluebird’s victory in the game.

The latest football betting tips tomorrow for this match

Cardiff has been a ruler on the ground in the last three meetings that they got at home. Thus, going by the trend, one can expect this match to be another one to add to the glory of the home team. That is why; football betting tips tomorrow from some betting experts are 11/4 in favor of Cardiff’s win. To bet safely while expecting the home team to continue with their winning spree on home ground, this tip is certainly worth pondering over.

But, if you are the one with the appetite for risk and love winning against the trend, you can consider betting tip in favor of Wolverhampton. Betting odds in favor of this side are 23/20. Winning on Welsh soils will certainly be a tough goal to meet for the visiting team and this may add a lot to their aggression and their desperation to win. All such situations are pointing at high voltage action on the ground on 30/11/2018.

Latest happenings at both sides

Experts giving football betting tips daily have observed the action on both sides closely. Some crucial players of Cardiff such as Jazz Richards, Kenneth Zohore and Nathaneil may require sitting on the bench due to fitness issues. On the other hand, visitors have not made any change in their squad. The squad is the same that lost against Huddersfield this week. Johny Otto from this team will be missing this game.

Every goal counts

Football betting tips daily from punters are going to show lots of fluctuations in this high voltage duel. Every goal is going to be a tough target to meet given the past performances of both the teams. Wolverines could not make more than three goals in their last 12 appearances. But, their performance in the Premier League is hinting at their comeback and they will be trying their best to get more numbers on the billboard.

Football betting tips daily from experienced punters are giving odds at 1.57 for the previous performance of Wolves to continue. Whereas, the betting odds for Cardiff not scoring anything in the match are fixed at 3.35.

Possibilities brewing up from current conditions

This match is going to be the acid test of the mettle of both the rivals. Wolves are behaving shrewder, are looking more determined and a bit unaffected by the string of poor performances of the recent past. Their attitude is certainly going to add lot of energy to the duel.

Cardiff is being considered somewhat a laid back team and whether they prove themselves to be underdog or not will be interesting to watch.

So, get into the betting mode and sit with all statistics in hand to make the best use of predictions to win handsomely from this game.

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